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10 years ago, I decided to discover Yemen

10 years ago, I decided to discover Yemen, first did a trek of 10 days in west part of the country, amazing landscapes and people, and then, once back to Sanaa, still in the mood for travel, decided to book a car and a driver with a local Yemeni agency to discover East of Yemen ... from Sanaa to Marib (Kingdom of Saba queen) up to Shibam (Manhattan of the desert) escorted by Yemen soldiers for security reasons... and then slowly back alone with Mohamed the driver by other cities on the coast ... That week remains one of my best travel memories ... and sad tonight as I know I will probably never be able to go back to that country for a long long time due to the war situation in that area these last years and moreover last days ... Below some rush videos from that week in East of Yemen 10 years back ... Sad that I had a poor camera at that time ... but these rush video are like my "madeleine of proust" of travels ...


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